A letter to the Editor: I wrote an article on photography and light for a print publication and came across this letter to the editor from one of the reader's - thank you Michael Rosenberg for the kind words and reassurrance, we are thinking a like.

The Philosophy of Light by Judith Pishnery really hit the button with her Faculty Seminar feature on difficult lighting conditions in your issue. In short, any light is right; you just have to know how to use it. I just read Judith's article, and discovered that I am correct in my philosophy that shooting in any light is the "best time" to shoot. I've read numerous articles and listened to many photographers rave about the "magic hour" at dusk and dawn. Yes, these times do yield some of the most amazing shots one can make. But after dark is also a great time to create bizarre and interesting images. Midday can be an amazing time to shoot too. The question to ask yourself is "what am I shooting?" That's the real issue. A bland image of a building in daylight can become a compelling photo if shot at night from the top of a ladder. A flower in the midday sun may reveal details that many people won't notice until they see it on celluloid. A cloudy day can enable you to capture the true essence of perfection. Michael Rosenberg Via the Internet