Photography Services

Pisconeri Studio produces creative assignment Photography, Consulting, Production and Post-Production Services, Stock Images and Fine-Art Prints for a wide array of photography projects in the studio and on locations around the world.

Businesses & Corporations needing executive portraits, product photos for catalogs, advertising and sales/marketing collateral to images of the company's day to day operations, including business and manufacturing.

Editorial usage including residential and commercial interiors and architecture, travel & destinations, business publications, creative photographic illustrations, food publications and more.

Advertising & Design firms needing images for advertising, brochures, packages and catalogs - all print collateral.

Corporate & Business Event photography - experienced photographic coverage of corporate business events, meetings, seminars, retreats, conventions, dinners, awards, ceremonies and more. Images are provided to the client on a hard drive in sizes for print and web. An online line gallery provides a place for all guests and attendees to order prints for their personal use. Event Clients include: LSG Sky Chefs, The Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Sharp Communications for the Atlanta Cosentino Showroom Opening and more.

Stock Images for usage in commercial applications. A wide range of existing images are available for commercial licensing, fees are dependant on specific uses. Customized images, photography, assignments and stock can be created for the specific needs of individual companies. Photographic works from our extensive stock photography collection are available.

Fine Art Prints for residential, commercial and public installations.

All images on the website are available as fine art prints in a variety of sizes. Additional portfolios are available. Please contact us.

Corporate / Business Photography Training seminars include technical and camera controls, post-production using Photoshop or Lightroom, photography studio consultation & training for equipment, set-up, lighting, and usage. See our Instruction section for additional information>

Quotes for Photography Services can be provided on request for any project.

Photography Applications Services include client consultations, concepts, photography production, and finished images for:

  • Editorial - Business, Architecture & Interiors, Food, Travel, Executive & Corporate portraits
  • Annual Reports
  • Executive Environmental Portraits
  • Advertising
  • Brochures and Booklets Dislilay and Trade Show Exhibits
  • Posters
  • Catalogs, Tearsheets, Newsletters
  • Products (consumer, trade, industrial)
  • Promotion Materials
  • Billboard and Signage
  • Package Design and Point-of-Purchase Dislilays
  • Book Design and Publishing Production
  • Web Sites
  • Stock Images available
  • Fine-Art Prints

Photography Production Services

Photography production includes all pre & post production needed for projects. All photographs are delivered digitally at client specifications.

Photography Imaging Services

Services include client consultations, concept, design and production of photographic images, illustrations, and image special effects. Composition, collage, montage, text insertion, special boarders, colorizing, scaling and sizing, re-formatting, CMYK preparation and proofing for 4 color printing.

Image Retouching Services

Retouching Services include all client specified post-production and retouching, enhancement, restoration, and corrective procedures applied to photographic images and image files.

Photography and Production Rates

Photography Creative Rates - Assignments

  • $1000.00+ starting rate / per project
  • Rates are quoted on project specifications, each project is different.
  • Photography Creative Service rates include, research, project concepts, photography production as well as, digital delivery of the project.
  • Usage rates for licensing of image for specific applications will be discussed and negotiated on a per project basis.

Photography Rates - Stock Images

  • $100.00 - $5000.00+ per image
  • Stock Images are available on a wide variety of topics and locations.
  • Custom stock / commissioned photography is also available at client request.
  • Rates are determined on size and usage of the image.
  • Royalty free and rights managed images are available.

Photography Rates - Fine Art Prints

  • $20.00 - $5000.00+ per print
  • Fine Art Prints are available on a wide variety of topics and locations.
  • On Request / Commissioned Photography is also available at client request.
  • Rates are determined on size and availablity of the image.
  • To-The-Trade rates are available to qualified consultants, art dealers, designers.

Image Retouching Rates

  • starting at $150 per image
  • include, any client specified retouching, enhancement, color or tonal adjustment
  • corrective procedure or procedures.
  • *Scans, prints, films, disk media, and consumable production materials will be billed in addition to image retouching rates.

Pisconeri Studio Policies and Information

Quotes and Estimates

Quotes for photography services are carefully considered and provided as an estimate based on client communication of specifications and needs. Final cost of any project is based on actual time spent and materials and services used in the photography and production of that project, changes and additions to the project will be reflected in the final invoice. Estimates and cost over-runs must be approved by client in writing before any design and production can be executed.


A retainer of 50 percent of the estimated quote is required on any project $150.00 or higher. This retainer is due at the time of project confirmation prior to the start of any production. All production costs, including stylists, models, printing, outside services, travel expenses, rentals, props and other outside services must be paid at the time of project confirmation, prior to the start of any production.

Payment of Invoices

All payment for services invoiced will be due at time of delivery of final project. Usage rights will be granted upon complete payment of the invoice.

Minimum Charges

Projects will be billed at the rates prescribed by the services required. Projects requiring less than one hour will be billed at an incremental rate based on the project rates.

There will be a minimum charge of $50.00 on all creative and production services.

Credit Card Payments

Pisconeri Studio, can accept Mastercard, American Express, and Visa. Invoices can be sent electronically using SQUARE. Ask for the details.