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Information on Workshops

Pisconeri Field Trips & Workshops are designed for all levels who are looking for dynamic, creative, learning experiences. They are an opportunity to learn from outstanding professionals through hands-on-instruction, field trips, and travel experiences. We offer a limited variety of group workshops throughout the year.

  • Custom classes can be scheduled for groups of 4 or more.
  • Private lesson tutoring is also available, fitting the class to your needs and schedule.
  • Corporate training is also available in photography, creative and culinary / cooking:
    • Camera skills, Lighting skills, Photoshop, Lightroom
      Photo walks & field trips, Creative project skills
    • Business of Photography, Portfolio reviews and editing
    • Culinary - basic skills, healthy cuisine, ethics favorites

Photography Workshops >

Learn something new - Photographic learning adventures. Join in a Pisconeri Field Trip or Workshop for a creative learning experience. Make your next vacation/trip a learning experience! Don't miss your opportunity to study with this dyamic instructor in great locations.

All Workshops are for photographers with fully adjustable (focus, shutter, aperture) digital or film cameras. Workshops are limited to small groups of students to insure an intimate and individualized, productive atmosphere. *

Culinary | Cooking - Workshops >

Pisconeri Culinary Workshops are a great opportunity to enhance your cooking & culinary skills, in various food subjects, with a professionally trained Chef instructor in a small group, hands-on environment.

The Culinary Workshops are Method and Technique based so students learn the basic fundamentals of the cooking and baking process. You will learn a better understanding of the ingredients, tools, terminology, techniques, recipes and tips, yielding a more consistent artisan/professional result. All techniques & tools are compatible with the home kitchen. Cooking workshops are 3 to 4 hours long and are limited to 6 students. They are held at the Pisconeri Workshops studios. Most workshops end with a meal prepared from the fresh foods you just created.

* All workshop dates and fees are subject to change, please check the schedule for updates.