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In the Atlanta metro area, explore the creative aspects of photography, from architecture and landscapes to people and business, including private lessons and creative coaching.

*Dates will be posted here when the FIELD TRIP schedule is available. If there is no date listed you can pre-register to indicate your interest (no obligation, no payment due).


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Link to travel FIELD TRIPS

    Portugal 2020 - RESCHEDULED - FALL 2020 - Register now 6 days in Portugal

    France TBD - 6 days in Provence or the Dordogne
    - Provence: Lavender, Abbeys, Olive groves, Van Gogh and more
    - the Dordogne: Castles, Prehistoric Caves, Midevil villages - a step back in time

    ParisPhoto2020 - Join Judith & the Atlanta Photography Group for a Field Trip week in Paris, Nov 8-16, 2020. The field trip may include: guided gallery & museum visits, talks with curators, photowalks, studio visits, culinary adventures, landmarks, shopping and more.

    Italy 2021 - TBD - 6 days in Umbria (the unspoiled Tuscany)

Interested in photography travel destination workshops? We are working on a new schedule for 2020 & 2021- please let us know where you would like to go.


An Essential Guide to the Business of Photography
For full-time or part-time, professional photographers, emerging & fine art photographers, a successful photography business can be yours with an introduction to the right tools. Start with specific business practices necessary for the photography industry; which contracts and forms are essential, how to charge for your work, basics of running a small business, marketing and advertising techniques, insurance, copyright and much more. The workshop is lead by Judith Pishnery, an experienced, working professional photographer; additional industry pros may provide some of the workshop content. Workshop includes Judith's 350+ page book the "Essential Guide to the Business of Photography - 4th Editions".

Workshop in Atlanta - please see the Atlanta Photography Group for the class schedule

This class is presented in several segments, you may take any section you like, in any order. It is recommended if you are new to the Business side of Photography to take all 6 sections. Classes are held each month. Location to be determined.

Tuition: $125 per class section (discount for taking more than one class)

Book: $25 fee added to the first class (unless you already have a copy)

Business of Photography - Participant comments

I just wanted to thank you again for all of the information that you shared with us in class. I have been trying to find someone who would give me insight into the real world of professional photography. Your class was exactly what I was looking for. The workbook is very good - I will have to work my way through it. I hope to take some more of your classes or go to some of your workshops very soon. Thanks again for info. --Stan.... / Business of Photography

Thanks again...I very much enjoyed my two days of photographic immersion. You are so incredibly knowledgeable. One of my prior co- workers asked how your seminar was. I told her to imagine my explaining our business in two days. ..ha! She quickly understood. The amount of information to process is mammoth, but then...I have always known that. I want to do this...thank you for helping get me started. And...just for the record...I have travelled too!! HA! Hope to see you again soon in another workshop or other photographic arena. --Judy.... / Business of Photography

First, let me start by saying that the seminar over the weekend was chock full o' information I had never even considered as becoming a professional photographer. Your insight into the business and your completely open and honest explanation was absolutely well receipted and appreciated by those in the class. It was a truly enjoyable session and your no-non-sense approach to teaching, which is much like my approach, was refreshing, engaging, and all around FUN! I feel quite honored and lucky to have met such a well-respected and successful professional as yourself. I do look forward to fostering a closer personal and professional relationship with you. --Heather .... / Business of Photography

I wanted to thank you for an absolutely brilliant seminar this weekend. I have a great appreciation and respect for an instructor that comes to class with a well-defined outline of topics to cover. And to have the instructor follow that outline with such ease definitely attests to the vast expertise you have. I also appreciate your openness to sharing resources. This is one of the best seminars I have attended and certainly the one that I have gained the most information from. I still cannot believe how much information you covered in two days. --Donna .... / Business of Photography

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Private Lessons / tutoring > more info

  • Schedule your Private Photo Lessons or Custom Field Trips & Workshop.
  • Please email for a schedule and info on specific tutoring
  • Available for Photo 101/102, etc; Studio & Location Lighting;
  • Lightroom & Photoshop instruction; and more...
  • Custom Field Trips & Workshops for groups of 4 or more can be scheduled.
  • Pre-payment required to schedule any private lesson

A select amount of new private lesson students will be taken during this time. Please contact us and we will let you know the availabilty if you are interested in private lessons. Register Now